Holody Plating 1970s
About Holody Plating

Holody Electro-Plating Limited is a medium sized plating facility (40,000 sq. ft.) that has served the metal finishing industry for over 60 years.  Its founder & President, Joseph Z. Holody, started the Guelph, Ontario company in 1955 after spending 10 years in the industry.

It is our philosophy that quality, service, and price are the key ingredients for success, and that without exception, every customer will receive their processed product on time, and at a fair price that meets or exceeds their quality requirements.

Association Memberships include:

  • CASF - The Canadian Association for Surface Finishing
  • NASF - National Association for Surface Finishing
  • AESF - American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society*
  • CAMF - Canadian Association of Metal Finishers**
  • NAMF - National Association of Metal Finishers*

* The AESF and NAMF were brought together to form the NASF.
** The CAMF became the CASF.

  • RoHS
  • ISO
  • CASF
  • NASF